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Capturing quality sound on set is the key to having your film sound natural. I have the experience and endurance to record your audio properly, no matter what environment you are shooting in. Standalone or as a two person sound team with Tiago da Silva, we make sure that you get quality production audio so that you can worry about the million other things that go into to shooting your piece:

Cabel Adkins Audio Location Sound Audio Post Sound Design

Location Sound Kit


$300/day (10 hrs)

-Sound Devices 664, 12 channel digital mixer/recorder

-Schoeps CMC5MK41 Hypercardioid Dialog Boom Mic

-Sennhieser MK416 Shotgun Mic

-2x Lectrosonics Wireless Systems

-2x DPA 4061 Lav mics


-Extra Lectro Wireless Systems ($75)

-Camera Hops ($50 per)

-Comtek IFB ($40/2 sets, $25 per extra)

-Denecke ts-3 Timecode Slate ($50)

-Tentacle E-Sync ($45/ea)


Extra wireless, extra camera hops, extra comtek recievers, or whatever else your production needs can be added for a small rental fee.